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Pisa and Andalusia: a relationship between past and present

DSC02781I am always excited  whenever I have the chance to show travellers visiting Pisa‘s Miracles Field  the peculiarities of the four buildings standing on the lawn…I like making comparisons and discovering interrelations between very  different cultures and people….
As an unicum  in XII century Italy,
they present  many details referring  to Moorish  art and architecture…
Recently, talking to my friend and colleague Francesco Soriquez in Seville (Spain), I was delighted to discover that the roof of a room in the Alcázar has got exactly the same decoration you find inside the Duomo of Pisa!

Francesco is a qualified tour guide in Seville and Andalusia.
I highly recommed his services!

web: http://elguiadesevilla.weebly.com/