GIARDINO BOTANICOJoin in this itinerary,  you’ll  discover three beautiful but almost unknown sights of Pisa: the ‘Giardino dei Semplici’, the ‘Scotto Garden’ and and an awesome roof garden.
The Tour will start at the Square of Miracles, by the Putti Fountain. After a brief introduction, Your local tour guide Martina will  take you to the oldest  University Bothanical Garden of Europe, founded in 1543 on behalf of Cosimo I de’ Medici. You’ll stroll around the many  varieties of trees (Arboreto), some of which date up to 1787, and the medicinal plants, grown in the ‘Myrtle Garden’; besides  you’ll  have the opportunity to have an  awesome and unusual view of the Leaning Tower!
Proceeding to the old town center, you’ll have the privilege of visiting a beautiful roof garden, on the top of an XIV-XV century building located on the riverside.
Within the end of the tour, you’ll reach the Southern part of the city, where you will explore the Scotto Garden, already  ‘Cittadella Nuova’, originally designed to be a  fortress (XV-XVI century) and subsequently become part of a private sight. You will realize how at present the centre of the ramparts of the Cittadella Nuova  hosts  a large garden with  a huge plane tree which was planted for the performance of a play written by the Venetian playwright Carlo Goldoni (XVIII century).

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